Once you choose your mulch you will need to determine how much you need.  A general rule of thumb is to figure approximately 1 cubic yard per 100 square feet at 3" thick.  Applying the mulch, or "spreading", is included in the price and is the same for all mulches.

I would be happy to show you a sample of any mulch prior to purchase.  Just let me know which ones you are interested in and we can go over them to decide which one you prefer.

Here's how our pricing works.  We don't make our money marking up the mulch, we earn it through the labor of spreading the mulch.  We don't charge you any more than you would pay by buying it yourself... we actually discount that a bit because we get a discount and we pass that along to you.  The prices you see show the full retail plus labor, then show price you pay after the discount.  If any of that is confusing, just remember the lower price shown is what you pay.  If you're pricing it yourself you can add up the mulch plus the trip fee shown above, and you'll have your price.  No additional fees on top or anything like that.

Cherry Brown Mulch (Grade A)- I used this picture to show a good color comparison to the black mulch behind it.  This is a newer color combination that is quite beautiful.  It provides a reddish "cherry" undertone to the brown dyed.  If you like in or near the Avon area, you can see this mulch used on most of the roundabouts in the area.

Retail including install would be $78.85/yard, Silver Lining Landscaping price $75/yard

Hardwood Fines (Grade AA)- This is just a step above the average.  Finer, richer, and darker, this adds a little to the overall look of the landscaping.  This mulch is best suited for small to medium size areas.  The downside is this mulch will not last quite as long as the standard.
Retail including install would be $73.17/yard, Silver Lining Landscaping price $68/yard

Playground Chips- Whether you have a small playground in you yard or a large public playground, play chips make the perfect covering to keep the area looking good and keep kids clean and safe.  
Retail including install would be $71.03/yard, Silver Lining Landscaping price $65/yard

"Dark Chocolate" Brown Dyed Mulch (Grade A)- This is the quality of the standard hardwood, it's just dyed chocolate brown.  Dying it brown can give a much richer brown color than standard hardwood.
Retail including install would be $78.85/yard, Silver Lining Landscaping price $75/yard

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Red Dyed Mulch (Grade A)- Another option for premium dyed mulch, red is a popular pastime color that can be really at home in the right color scheme.

Retail including install would be $78.85/yard, Silver Lining Landscaping price $75/yard

Black Dyed Mulch (Grade A)- This mulch is dyed a rich black color, which is not done justice by a close-up picture.  This modern look will make all of your beautiful flowers and shrubs POP when you put this black slate around them.  I highly recommend this mulch often when you have a lot of colorful plants and shrubs.
Retail including install would be $78.85/yard, Silver Lining Landscaping price $75/yard

Here you'll find info on our mulch and mulching services.  If you're here to get an idea on the price of mulch, simply scroll down to about where there pictures start, and you'll see prices below the pics.  Just above the pics is the pricing on delivery.  Our "price it yourself" guide isn't for everyone, so remember we always provide free estimates upon request.

When it comes to maintaining your flower beds we can offer you the best in mulching services.  Excellent product, detailed service, and reasonable prices.  We will bring product to your home and apply it to the designated areas.  If you are hiring us to do the job, you should expect for us to bring the product, apply it, and clean up all of the mess.  If you are unsure of which mulch you would like we can offer you samples to make sure you're getting exactly what you want.

We purchase the product we use from outside vendors, and only the most reputable.  We have relationships with many local vendors and have secured special pricing with each.  These prices enable us to offer our services at reasonable rates.  We only offer premium mulches.  We do not deal in economy mulches due to poor quality of product.  If we wouldn't use it on my own homes, we wouldn't sell it to you.  

We are always open to price matching.  If you get a written quote from another company for the same product and service at a lower price let us know.  We will work something out, and we can guarantee they will not beat us on the quality of the job.  Typically if someone is anywhere close to us on price they are offering an "economy" mulch, which is much lower quality than what we're offering.  Going with us, you WILL get premium product, a neat job, and a complete clean up once we are done.

Edging service is offered for all mulch jobs, and while this service is optional it is highly recommended.  Edging a bed is done with a bed shaper machine, and it lowers the edge of the mulch bed below the grass line.  This helps keep the mulch in the bed, and helps keep the grass from spreading into the bed, as well as gives the beds a crisp clean look.  The price for this service depends on the area needing edged.  If you require it in a mulch quote I would be happy to come out and take a look for you and provide you with that quote, or we can discuss it over the phone or in person the day of the mulching service.

Each trip comes with an individual delivery charge.  

- For mulch, each trip is $55.  Up to 12 yards per trip.
- For dirt and stone, each trip is $55.  Up to 4 yards per trip.
- For bush trimming without mulch, each trip is $45.
- For bush trimming with mulch, there is no additional trip charge.

We do not offer "delivery only" services on mulch, as we are a landscaping company and not a product supplier.

Standard Hardwood Mulch (Grade A)- Works best for most applications.  This is a great looking mulch.
Retail including install would be $69.96/yard, Silver Lining Landscaping price $65/yard