We are available for annual mulching for residential and commercial properties.  See our "All I Want is Mulch" page under services for details on mulch types, as well as prices on mulch and delivery.

Landscape Design:
While we do not do landscape architecture, we do offer ideas on landscape install and renovation, and we offer this for free!  We don't charge to consult on landscape design at all.  We would be happy to personally come out and talk with you regarding any changes or additions to your landscaping that you are interested in doing.  We work with the best suppliers in central Indiana to get premium grown nursery product.  Combine that with years of knowledge and equipment that is second to none and you'll have a beautiful landscape that you can be proud of.  See our gallery for some examples and before and after pictures.

Bush Trimming:
We offer annual trimming services for your bushes and shrubs, as well as perennials.  If you're needing things trimmed up at the same time as we're mulching we're able to offer a bit better rates..  We always try to bulk price bush trimming, so prices may be subject to discounts upon arrival!

After trimming we always clean up the mess and haul it away.  There is no additional charge for this and no disposal fee.  All waste is disposed of in an environmental manner.

We offer edging for flower beds and walkways.  This can be done either by redefining the edge between the grass and the bed with a spade or Bed Shaper machine, or by installing a metal or stone bed edging, such as pavers, stones, or boulders.  The bed shaper is a machine specific to the industry and cuts a crisp clean edge between the mulch bed and the grass.  This helps to keep the mulch from spilling into the yard while also keeping the grass from growing into the bed over time.

If you interested in a material edging such as metal edging or stone, let me know and I can introduce you to some examples to see what you like best.

You Design... We Build:
Have you ever wanted to design your own landscaping all around your house or property, but didn't want to do all that work?  Now is your time!  We can work with you to lay out a plan.  You pick the plants, the areas, and the materials you want.  We will take care of the dirty work.  Obviously we can't really offer a simple standard price for such a large spectrum of projects, so if you're interested, lets talk!  We have excellent referrals for you if you're looking for a good local place to see a wide selection of available flower, shrubs, or trees.

Tree Service:
See Tree Service Tab under services.

Storm Cleanup:

We do offer emergency service for fallen trees.  Call (317) 902-5411 for immediate service if a tree has fallen on your house, garage, office,  or driveway.

Give me a call if one of those strong summer storms causes some damage to your trees.  We can clean up downed branches, cut up downed limbs, and clean up all the mess they can leave behind.  As always, we will haul away the mess and dispose of it environmentally.  Feel free to call one of the big name tree places in the phone book for a price first.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

(317) 902-5411