These pics are of a tree job, where 2 trees were topped, and one small one by the house were removed.  By the following season the trees were full and beautiful again.

This was a small bed expansion.  We transplanted some plants and added a few more.  The stone choices added a little color too. 

This home was mostly existing landscape.  Some of the beds with metal edging we added, and then gave it a fresh mulch layer.

This is just a basic tree removal job.  Always leave a clean lawn when complete!

This was a large scale tree job, where we removed over 70 mature trees from an apartment community.  The pictures show before and after of one main area.  This area accounted for about 30% of the trees.  The area was cleared, graded, and seeded.

This was a complete renovation with bed expansion.  All old stone material was removed and all new bushes and shrubs were installed and mulched.

This was a larger scale cleanup.  All beds were overrun with weeds.  All beds were cleaned up, and all bushes were trimmed.  Some bushes were removed to avoid crowding.  In the end the beds were edged and mulched.  Pictures are in order to show before and after shots.

A basic clean up job.  Bushes trimmed, a few dead ones replaced, beds cleaned up and edged, and fresh mulch.  Pics show before and afters.

This is another landscape that needed maintained heavily.  The pics show before and after trimming all bushes and trees.

This is a leaf cleanup job performed by our team.

This landscape shows a small boulder edging on fresh mulch.

A simple mulch job.  Mulch is applied just thick enough to cover on this job so that long term buildup doesn't harm trees.

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