Whether that Bradford Pear in your front yard has gotten out of control, or your have two dozen dead ash trees, we can take care of it!  With an established partnership we are able to handle any job whether it require bucket truck or a climber, our expertise will put you at ease.  Remember the bigger they are the harder they fall and overgrown pear trees and dead ash trees are two of the most common nuisances during summer storms here in Indiana.

We can cut trees down to ground level or if you prefer can grind out the stump as well .  As always quotes are free and with no obligation.  Our guarantee on quality is secured by you because payment is not due in full until service is fully complete. We only require a deposit on jobs of over $2,000.   We will remove all brush and dispose of environmentally.  We do not have ANY hidden costs.  The price we give you is a complete price for all services we discuss. 

Our quotes are no pressure quotes.  We can't thank you enough for calling me and inquiring on service, so when we offer a quote we don't want you to feel any pressure from us.  We will offer you a price and if you like it you can schedule the work at that time, or feel free to think on it and get back to us at your convenience.  

Storm Cleanup:                                                  
We do offer emergency service for fallen trees.  Call (317) 902-5411 for immediate service if a tree has fallen on your house, garage, office,  or driveway.

Give me a call if one of those strong summer storms causes some damage to your trees.  We can clean up downed branches, cut up downed limbs, and clean up all the mess they can leave behind.  As always, we will haul away the mess and dispose of it environmentally.  Feel free to call one of the big name tree places in the phone book for a price first.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

These pictures were taken a year apart, and all work was done by Silver Lining Landscaping.  We removed all trees, removed all stumps, and re-graded the area and seeded it.

(317) 902-5411